Hi, I'm Lacey.
Nice to meet you.


What I do:

I’m a software designer with a focus in user experience and user interface design. I design digital apps that facilitate complex processes so that making environmentally friendly and socially responsible choices is easy (and even fun).

For nearly a dozen years, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with amazing clients like Zappos.com and the State of Colorado. Learn more about how I work.


Who I’m looking for:

I’m looking for a team who’s advancing regenerative agriculture with the help of innovative digital tools. They combine user research and cutting edge technology with the tried-and-true principles of permaculture and holistic land management to build applications that support people and the planet.


Why I’m looking for it: 

I imagine a world in which everyone sees themselves as stewards of the land, because they know that the health of soil, plants, animals, and humans is interconnected.


As part of a fourth generation ranching family, I believe that at the heart of every good farmer and rancher is an environmentalist. But raising livestock and managing land requires tough decisions that weigh supporting the health of the land and livestock with the family business. Our current systems, policies, and “the way things have always been” don’t make it easy or advantageous to change.

So let’s make something better. We can use the principles of design thinking to make progress on the big, dynamic, multifaceted issues of today’s world. We can work closely with agriculturalists and elected officials to present better options that guide land management practices and policy decisions toward regenerative agriculture and reshape how we think about farming and food production.


Want to dive deeper?

(LINK) Case Study: UX/UI design for Zappos’s organizational structure tool
(LINK) Case Study: UX research for US Climate Alliance website

Ranching Roots

I was raised on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, where my dad would often refer to my sisters and me as “little whippersnappers” and my moms most important rule for 5-year-olds playing outside was “dont cross any fences without me or your dad.”

My ag roots run deep; both sides of my family have run cow-calf operations in Oklahoma and Colorado for the past four generations.

As part of a ranching family, I know that working in agriculture is more than a job—its a lifestyle. Its early mornings and long days. Its checking on your cows throughout the night during calving season. Its beginning conversations with “the weather,” not as small talk, but because it can determine our livelihoods. Its the satisfaction that comes from seeing your cattle and grass grow, and it’s your friends and family being part of that.

Get in Touch

Would you like to join forces, or do you know someone who has a similar vision? Drop me a line at ​hello@laceydesign.com.

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