How I Work

My goal is to reframe unintuitive concepts into workflows that make sense for the end user.


1  Listen first.

Its tempting to jump to answers, but taking a step back to ask questions and listen lets us connect with peoples emotions, needs, and motivations.

2  Remain flexible and curious.

The end product is carefully crafted, but the process isnt always shiny—and that’s a good thing. Finding a great solution requires getting your hands dirty and not letting ideas become precious; it’s brainstorming with the team, sketching new ideas, making quick iterations, and continuously checking in with users to validate the designs.

3  Build with purpose.

I believe that the best digital products have a clear purpose that guides the team’s priorities and next steps. Success hinges on a team’s ability to maintain that vision while pivoting to accommodate the realities of changes in timelines, budgets, technological feasibility, stakeholder expectations, and discoveries from usability testing. A strong “why” at the center of the project keeps decisions on the right track.

Want to dive deeper?

(LINK) UX/UI Case Study: Organizational Structure Design
(LINK) Branding Case Study: Huzzah!

•  Journey Mapping
•  User Research Facilitation
•  Information Architecture Design
•  User Experience Design
•  Wireframing
•  Prototyping
•  Usability Testing + Analysis
•  User Interface Design
•  Design System Creation
•  Brand Strategy & Development

•  Logo Design

Selected Clients

For nearly a dozen years, Ive had the pleasure of collaborating with amazing clients, including the folks at:

Get in Touch

Would you like to join forces, or do you know someone who has a similar vision? Drop me a line at ​

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